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06:53pm 07/07/2005
  hey all,
new to the community but just wanted to say im glad for container gardening. living in an appartment building means...well, pots are my one and only option. right now i have outside a few containers and i am trying to grow some edibles in it.
tomatoes, eggplant, peppers (2 kinds) tomatoes and red basil (or maybe purple) i dont know, i got all of the seedlings free and well, unlabeled. because of the source i suspect all are heirloom and i would be interested in saving the seeds from the plants.

so first question...assuming these plants bare (which i make no promises of but theya re starting to flower so this is a good sign), does anyone know how i can save the seeds for next year to any of the above plants?

second of all, i want to check on something to do with pest control. im interested in avoiding chemicals at all costs but...
earwigs are getting at my eggplants, and i think some of the peppers. i know the eggplants because i find the bugs on them first thing in the morning but dont happen to see what is eating my peppers. do earwigs eat peppers too? and does anyone know of a good way to get rid of them? right now i have some bay leaves down but it doesnt seem to be helping so much? and because it is a container (and a crowded one at that) im afraid to dig up anything to put down a drowning liquid for them. so what are my other options or would it be safe to dig far enough down to put in a container to drown them in? in which case, ive heard of a number of liquids (something that is close to a teriaki recipe i have, beer, etc...) does one work better than another? or, just to throw another worry onto the table, could it be somethign else all together attacking my plants? it seemd ot be eating the larger leaves, and leaving small to larger sized holed in it. would pruning these leaves make any difference?

sorry so many questions from a newbie but i've not grown most of these plants before, let alone in containers...
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10:57am 03/07/2005
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05:42pm 05/06/2005
  just to test colors